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If you are sure this describes you, NINE9 is definitely a game changer that help you land your next or even your very first job. NINE9, the unagency will do everything possible to help you live out your dreams with their team of highly trained makup and studio professionals, tools and active platform that will make you be seen even if you don’t live close to the traditional audition cities.

Nine9 is clearly designed to revolutionize the Entertainment Industry because Anthony Toma (CEO of Nine9) thought about the 99% who were not lucky or simply born into Hollywood or Broadway. You could very well be the next hidden talent that NINE9 would love to put in the spotlight. If you feel alienated by agencies and find it hard to believe that your agent will truly represent you, NINE9 is the perfect fit for you because they will not charge you a commission flike gigs like all agents do.

By now you know that your talent is real and are determined to put in the hard work to make the best of your next chance but weren’t sure how to make it happen. This is your chance! and more information click here.

It might just be time for you to take the first step into the spotlight from wherever you are with NINE9 – the UNAGENCY and Nine9’s Website.

Duda Melzer Mary

Coming from a family that is traditional, Duda Melzer, President of Grupo RBS, has learned a few things about how to stay strong and last. His many entrepreneurial endeavors have placed him at the top of the game in business. Here is some detail on who he is, and just how he did it all.

Commonly known as Duda Melzer, his career started at the age of 26, where he showed talent in business administration. He attended Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, where he graduated, just to continue on to Harvard Business SChool and continue his education with two classes in business. He then used that knowledge to work in Brazil within the financial and marketing categories of business.

According to Estadao, after returning to the United States, he served as senior analyst at Delphi Corporation and then CEO of Box Top Media. Both located in New York, they were the catalyst for his future business.

In 2008, Melzer worked with Harvard Business School to learn even more about effective strategies for media business. Grupo RBS later went on to make him CEO in Porto Alegre. He has also served on the board of ethics for the National Counsel for Advertising Self-Regulation, and also served as executive vice president of Grupo RBVS in 2010.

Over the years, he has also received numerous awards for his endeavors. He won the Cabore’ Award in 2006, for the Professional Vehicle Category. In 2009, he was awarded the Brazilian Advertising Association Award for that same category. Then in 2011, he won the Coletiva.Net Award as well.

Duda Melzer, President of Grupo RBS has accomplished much for his country. His work to reach a higher level of excellence is what makes him the success that he has become, and will continue to be into tomorrow. More details can be found on Crunchbase.


The Golden Road

The U.S Money Reserve is a company that was founded in 2001 to distribute government issued gold, silver, and platinum. The number of people who put their money into precious metals has drastically increased since it is a safer method as opposed to only having cash.

The value of precious metals while it may vary will never consistently decrease like paper money will. The  Money Reserve is a flourishing company that has an extremely promising future ahead of it.

They have developed an unique team of individuals that are skilled at everything from coin research to knowing the best market value of various precious metals. The U.S money reserve is the best possible company to entrust your money and livelihoods to.

They are a U.S based company that is trusted all around the world. There are very few companies that have the absolute trust and confidence of so many customers. It is one of the most ideal businesses to put your trust in.

I personally would entrust them with any amount of my hard earned money. They are truly the only company that can be trusted no matter how little or how much money you want to invest in precious metals.

In order to spread awareness of the amazing chance to invest in precious metals the U.S Money Reserve has decided to air a new television show that will talk about the advantages of investing in precious metals. In this show many points will be addressed however, the best part will be when president Ronald Reagan’s son will come out and talk about his father’s belief that every american had the god-given right to own gold.

The many panelists that will be there will talk about varying points when it comes to investing into precious metals. Some of the more prominent points that will be covered include the benefits of owning gold, the dollar and its buying power, as well as recent global events that impact the bull market value of gold. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

One of the points that the U.S Money Reserve is extremely ecstatic about is the simple fact that they will be having Larry King as the moderator during this event which is a great deal in and of itself.

The Lung Institute Helps People Breathe

The Lung Institute has advanced their efforts in helping people with COPD, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Interstitial Lung Disease and other pulmonary disorders. Helping people breathe better is the number one goal of the Lung Institute.

Pulmonary lung disease is not curable, but stem cell therapy can improve pulmonary diseases and add quality to the patient’s life. Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive procedure performed as an outpatient exhibiting immediate result.

To get started, you want to discuss this with your current physician or contact the clinic and speak with a patient coordinator to schedule a free consultation. Once it has been determined you are a candidate for stem cell therapy, an appointment will be made for you to visit one of Lung Institute facilities or website ( and have the procedure performed as an outpatient. The patient’s comfort and health is the main concern of the institute and the medical staff.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Arrival at the Lung Institute the Day 1 of the therapy
  • Medical staff ensure the patient is comfortable and ready for the procedure
  • A small amount of blood is taken using an IV
  • The stem cells are separated from the other cells in the blood taken
  • Then the stem cells are returned to the patient through the right chamber of the heart?
  • Stem cells then reproduce new stem cells over and over again
  • The blood is then passed from the heart through a major artery into the pulmonary system where the stem cells continue to reproduce and begin healing lung tissue, exiting the lungs and transported through the bloodstream.

This exciting event continues to reproduce healthy stem cells in the body, explains Of course, depending on the illness and the lung damage caused by the illness, the procedure may need to be repeated on Day 2 if everything proceeds as expected. The patient is carefully monitored before being released.

This procedure has helped thousands of patients suffering from pulmonary disease breathe easier and enjoy the comfort of improved lung capacity. Please share this information with someone you know who is suffering from pulmonary disease.

The Lung Institute has clinics in Tampa FL – 813-642-6417 Scottsdale AZ – 480-378-6658, Nashville TN – 615-988-1051, Pittsburgh PA – 724-635-4202, and Dallas TX – 214-935-1699. For more info, visit

Leader and Investor-Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is the President and the Chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group. Recently the head of USHEALTH was named as the Gold Winner in the position of the Chief Executive Officer of the year. The One Planet Awards is one of the most respected awards in the world which since its inception has been honoring enterprises as well as professional individuals all over the world across all sectors. Interested individuals, as well as organizations, have the opportunity to submit their names for nomination purposes. One Planet Awards honor individuals, non-profit companies, private as well as public organizations regardless of their sizes and more information click here.

Mr. Troy was honored to be named by One Planet as the Chief Executive Officer of the year in the Gold category. Troy said that the Award did not belong to himself. Instead, he dedicated the award to USHEALTH Group staff for their endless efforts in providing quality health services. Mr. Troy further stated that the award was an evidence of the firm’s dedication to the delivery of affordable healthcare services to their clients. USHEALTH Group has been offering the best healthcare products and services and meeting the needs of their clients.

Troy McQuagge is a leader at USHEALTH Group, and he had the responsibility of serving as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Medical care facility. Mr. McQuagge joined USHEALTH in 2010 and through his hard work and the experience he had he took the responsibility of serving the company by reorganizing the group’s delivery agencies. His hard work and commitment saw Troy climb the career ladder and he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2014. During his team as the Chief Executive Officer, the medical facility has experienced tremendous growth and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

Troy McQuagge began his career serving at Allstate Insurance Company; he later joined United Insurance Companies at the Student Insurance Division. Troy is a go-getter and very determined a character that led him to be named as the President of United Insurance Companies Ins in 1997. Before being the President and the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, Troy acted as the Vice President and the Chief Marketing Officer of USHEALTH Group. He is a graduate with a B.A Degree from the University of Central Florida and Troy on Facebook.

Using Securus Technologies to Help Catch Escaped Fugitives

My job as a fugitive hunter entails me trying to not only gather information about the last known whereabouts of the suspect, but to closely monitor their network of family and friends for suspicious activities. Many times, I am able to bring these suspects to justice just because they slip up and get too comfortable around their inner circle.


We had a very dangerous pair of escaped criminals on out hands, and they were already in jail on murder charges so we knew they were a threat to public safety and had nothing to lose on the run. One of the problems we faced immediately was they were not making use of any family connections, they were simply flying by the seat of their pants and this was a huge problem for us.


I went back to the jail to see if I could get any fellow inmates to cooperate with the investigation, when a corrections officer informed me that they may have a lead. Recently we had Securus Technologies install a new inmate communication system in the jail, and officers were trained on the software to be able to detect chatter that was revealing activities in the jail that were prohibited.


During a recent nights studying of the calls, one officer said he had reason to believe that the inmates that escaped were still getting help from an unlikely source here inside the jail. One of the higher level gang members was overheard giving orders to get soldiers to a meeting point to help a few new friends. This was the break we needed.


We listened in on those calls and were able to make use of the covert alert feature to help us pinpoint the location of the meet. Our team was in position when the two inmates walked right into our trap and were apprehended without any incident.

Norman Pattiz, Modernizing Radio With PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz is a man who is known to be the person who revolutionized the radio in America. The founder of Westwood one, Norman is the pioneer of some of the biggest radio shows and events. When the radio was in it’s prime, Norman hosted some of the most significant sporting events on his channels – right from the NFL to the Superbowl.

Norman wanted to revive the radio in a new way that would appeal to internet users, and which would keep up with the times.

He then came up with the idea of opening up his podcast channel. The idea was one that came to him while he was trying to find viable ways to make a medium for audio, just like the radio, but with a modern touch.

To bring this plan to life, Norman Pattiz started up PodcastOne, a network of podcasts to give listeners a diverse range of podcast channels to choose from. He also paired up with Hollywood celebrities to diversify the shows that the podcast offers its listeners.

But even though the Podcasts were the new radio to the listeners, Norman Pattiz still felt like it wasn’t meeting the needs and expectations that he had for the modern radio. He tried his best to make his network more and more like the radio in some ways.

One thing that sets apart podcasts today and the radio is the availability of advertising space. Podcasts today don’t allow advertisers to use their audio as a means to sell their products, thus making it seem like the podcast market isn’t a viable mass media medium.

Norman Pattiz, therefore, decided to rope in a few advertisers to sell their products on the podcasts and reach more audiences. This also helped the company to generate advertising revenue, just like radio companies did, back in the day.

Bloomberg revealed that Norman Pattiz is all for studying his customer base, to give them exactly what they would want. Just earlier this year, Norman paired up with Edison Research, to do an in-depth analysis of their customer base and to figure out all the various trends that their listeners were following.

The research was also conducted with a view of understanding the different market segments and whether or not the advertisements that were being carried out on PodcastOne were effective or not.

Sawyer Howitt; The Exceptional Racquetball Wunderkind

As a racquetball fan, one may run out of superlatives to describe Sawyer Howitt. While many see him as a future star, some argue that he is already a legend in the making. Though it is still in its baby steps, his career is remarkable. Sawyer first ventured into the game while still a student at Lincoln High school, where he outshone his peers, standing out from the rest. His exceptional talent landed him a lucrative deal with the Portland Racquetball Club.

Sawyer Howitt hails from an affluent background, with his father, a serial entrepreneur, owning the Merriweather Group. The family resides in Portland, Oregon. Having honed his skills from a tender age, Sawyer has fascinated numberless racquetball enthusiasts. His name is on everybody’s lips, with the game’s hobbyists carving to see him in action every time an opportunity presents itself.

Learn More:

His age might be still young, but Sawyer Howitt has displayed flashes of brilliance associated with established superstars. Earmarked as one of country’s future top athletes at the Olympics, the young prodigy is not only fascinating but inspiring to aspiring players as well. One can only hope that his promising career follows the current trajectory, where it seems that the only thing that can deter him is the sky.


José Henrique Borghi Leads Mullen Lowe into the Future

Anyone who is familiar with advertising in South America knows the name Mullen Lowe, or they know their work. This article explains how José Henrique Borghi is helping the company grow by offering a number of new points of leadership. He is one of the finest in his industry, and he is working quite hard to ensure he is giving his employees reason to be hopeful for the future.

#1: More Corporate Partners

Jose has many different corporate partners coming to Mullen Lowe, and he is growing a new sort of clientele that he believes will make the company grow faster. They have a number of customers in South America, and he believes that his company will have a platform to grow into other parts of the world. Picking up a corporate client here and there has ensured the company will grow quite a lot and more information click here.

#2: Creative Art
Mullen Lowe has ensured all his staff are allowed to be creative, and he is showing his staff there are many ways to stay creative as they work. There are quite a few people who are working for Mullen Lowe who will create the finest artwork, give the customers something they will be pleased with and allow them to be as unique as possible and learn more about Jose Borghi.

#3: Opening New Offices

Mullen Lowe has been growing for some time by ensuring that it opens more offices around the world. The world offices that were started by Mullen Lowe are there to garner the business of international clients who wish to learn more about the business. Jose wishes to keep all international offices open because he has many dreams of expanding the firm.

Mullen Lowe has grown quite a lot, and José Henrique Borghi is at the heart of it all. Everyone who wishes to advertise with Mullen Lowe will partner with a growing enterprise.

More visit:

Traveling Vineyard; An Exemplary Self-Employment Platform

Traveling Vineyard is an enterprise that seeks to employ people who prefer working from home. The firm was established in 2001 and has since witnessed enormous growth, hiring vast amounts of individuals in the process.

Traveling Vineyard promises to transform novices into elite wine tasters after a relatively short training process. By learning the ropes, prospective clients are turned into the best wine guides. The knowledge they acquire is expected to earn them a living.

In addition to a thorough training process, Traveling Vineyard avails a supportive community, which assists their clients in becoming wine connoisseurs.

Business Operation Model

After training, customers are subscribed to the company’s products. They pat a specified fee, which judges the package with which they are issued. The packages vary by price, with the cost determining the quantity of stock in each.

Wine guides are seen as product promotion entities, rather than sales people. A commission, known as ‘personal marketing fee’ is granted to the guides. The earnings are a significant percentage of the total sales made by an agent.

As an incentive to add more clients to their portfolio, Traveling Vineyard offers bonuses to customers who influence others to subscribe to the business. Agents can proliferate their reimbursements by recruiting more newbies into their networks.

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Merits of working with Traveling Vineyard

The most striking advantage is the flexibility of the job. To some folk, working from eight to five on a strict schedule is not their cup of tea. However, with this job, people are given the liberty of choosing not only their preferred times of work but also the quantity of work.

While most people venture into it a source of additional income, Traveling Vineyard can offer a full-time job. A testament to this is the several success stories associated with the firm.

Moreover, through the various social events organized by the company, clients meet up with new friends. These meetings are also great platforms for exchange of ideas with like-minded individuals.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard: