The Frontera Fund; Defending DACA and the Rights of Immigrants to the End

The Frontera Fund is an initiative that was started by two Journalists of Phoenix Times Newspaper to support the plight of people of Hispanic origin that face a myriad of civil rights abuses and racial discrimination in Arizona. In fact, the Fund was ironically started with money that was paid by an apparent promoter of such racism and civil rights abuse. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a program that was started to protect children immigrants from deportation, temporarily, if they met certain minimum requirements. Such children are also provided with a social security number and a chance to work and earn a living in the USA for a two-year renewable period. Most of the states allow such children to acquire a driving license and benefit from the tuition fees of these states.

DACA under Attack

It seems that the DACA program isn’t sitting well with several people in authority. In a recent spat, the Texas Attorney petitioned the Trump administration to rescind the program. He sought to have the program terminated by September 5th. Several other attorneys and a county chief have signed the letter to the president. According to the details provided in the letter, the attorney wants the program to be phased off. It means that if implemented, there will be no new applicants for the DACA program and that there will be no renewals henceforth. The letter is said to have been signed by 9 attorneys general. Most of the pressure to scrap the DACA program is coming from the red states. Mr. John Kelly, the secretary of Homeland Security mentioned that the DACA program is under heavy threat. Currently, there are over 800 000 individuals protected by the program. Mr. Kelly says that there are many cases in the courts seeking to challenge the program.

Benefits of the DACA program

While critics of the program continue to be driven by reasons other than economic and security, the DACA program continues to benefit the individuals enlisted and the state of Arizona in many ways. Figures show that almost 100% of the individuals in the DACA program work and study. Some of them go to school and work at the same time. It means that the individuals are paying millions of taxes to the Arizona authorities. The individuals in the DACA program pay higher taxes; thanks to their improved earnings. The data available on the operations of individuals under the DACA program shows that the income they get is widely directed towards improving their education, starting businesses to sustain their families and buying cars and homes. The DACA program is supported largely by the Frontera Movement as a partnership and partial sponsor in legal representation. In fact, the Frontera Fund through the initiative of Lacey and Larkin has vowed to fight the forces that are pushing to remove DACA from existence.

The Trump Factor

The immigrant community in the US feels most threatened by President Trump. He started a concerted attack on immigrants since the inset of his campaigns. Trump has always presented the immigrants in a bad light and has used even lies to convince the unsuspecting public that immigrants are bad. He has persistently sought to link the immigrants with drug abuse, crime, and rape. True to expectation, Mr, Trump’s first action in office was to issue an order banning the entry into the USA of immigrants from a list of countries.


Samuel Strauch And His Real Expertise

Samuel Strauch is a real estate expert in Miami who has been in the business for some time. He worked with his family business, went to school at Hofstra, and has returned to start his own company.

The Miami Expertise

Samuel has a lot of expertise on the city of Miami and all of South Florida. He knows the area very well because it is where he grew up, learned the trade, and where his company does business. He uses that expertise every day, and it makes him much more credible with his customers.


His Education

Samuel Strauch obtained a business degree from Hofstra, and he moved back to Miami to work with his family company once again. His family’s company works in the industry, but he wanted to have his own company where he could reach a certain type of client.

His Company

Metrik Real Estate is the company that Samuel Strauch started on his own, and he welcomes clients into his office every day to help with real estate investments. He helps people save money, and he allows them to buy everything from their dream home to their next office building. His clients learn how to maximize their investments, and he studies what the next big investment area in Miami is.

Samuel Strauch is very familiar with the Miami area, and he helps many of his clients make money on the buildings he has chosen. His knowledge of the area and experience make him an excellent investor.


Talk Fusion’s Constant Improvements

The beauty of the digital age is the ability to remain in contact with people even if you are on the other side of the globe, however video and audio technology have yet to completely remove the clunkiness we feel when using these products — that is until the folks at Talk Fusion released their newest form of Video Chat. Talk Fusion has been revolutionizing the way we do video communication since their inception. Most recently they have been making headlines for their revamp of their Video Chat line, with exciting new features such as: better contact management, file and screen sharing, and top quality audio. To make things even better, the new changes are all made possible by the powerful, new WebRTC technology.


When Talk Fusion was created by CEO Bob Reina the idea was to consistently push the limits of what can be done in the field of technology. So far, Reina and the team he has put together have been wildly successful in achieving this goal. With a robust Video E-mail selection (containing over 1,000 stunning types of design) and a dynamic video newsletter program the future looks bright. What truly separates Talk Fusion from other companies is the way they seamlessly merge the complexity of video with the easy-to-use nature of their video sharing services. Even the least tech-savy folks in your office can easily learn how to incorporate the newest Video Chat technology into their work day. In the growing field of telecommunication the name of the game is making people’s lives easier, and Talk Fusion is able to deliver on that promise while delivering technology that looks good and is easily accessible.


Whether it was donating vans to local animal rescue teams or giving complimentary technology to a French Music school this is a company that does more than just opine about the importance of charity. Talk Fusion has proven that when a company ties giving back to the core identity of what they do, amazing things can happen.


Whether it is engineering brand new technology that pushes the status quo or giving back to the community it seems that Tech Fusion is a company that is primed and ready for growth in the immediate and distant futures. But don’t just take my word for it, check out their website and browse their selection, who knows what wonders you may find! Learn more:

Getting to Know Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal announced that she would be leaving her position as the chief executive officer of CP + B Global. This is a role that came her way in the year 2015. Before taking this role, Lori Senecal used to work with MDC Partners Network as the chief executive officer and president. After becoming the global CEO of CP + B, she still held the position at MDC Partners Network. After announcing her departure from CP + B, the chairman and co-founder of the company Chuck Porter immortalized her for her efforts. He said that she had been the most suited person to help the company achieve its global ambitions. During her reign at the company, she will be remembered for her stunning role in helping the company land the American Airlines as one of their clients.

According to GC Report, this was back in 2015, and she helped the company snatch American Airlines from TM Advertising effectively ending a 25 years partnership. Mr. Porter thanked Lori for her contribution to the company and mentioned that she had established a platform that would help them develop another breed of leadership. Before announcing her departure, Lori Senecal mentioned that the company was very thoughtful and careful concerning the leadership decisions that would help the firm move forward. Lori Senecal also said that she would cooperate with the next leader to ensure that there is a smooth transition. People who knew Lori said that she had been a good and fantastic friend. Her leadership has made the company more effective and smarter. Her replacement seems to have been found with the appointment of Danielle Aldrich as the president of the company. This is an individual who had been very crucial in facilitating the deal to acquire American Airlines.

Lori Senecal has had an illustrious career. Lori has worked with other successful firms such as KBS + and McCann Erickson as the president. She used to work in the New York office which is the main office. She has also worked with McCann Worldgroup where he served the role of chief innovative officer. Lori went to McGill University. She graduated with a degree in commerce from the institution and majored in marketing and finance.

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The Impact Inflation Has On Gold

Where Gold And Inflation Rates Collide


There’s a big swing in gold to come. The rise in inflation leads market watchers to anticipate a rise in interest rates that forces people to save.


Specialists are finding the actual direction of this swing to be misleading. As a result, experts of precious metals are looking toward the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve is setting a major standard in the bullion trade. This agency leads the American nation as a supplier of gold, silver and platinum.


Your consideration of precious metals, as a major investment against inflation, should be a step in the direction of this agency. The dynamics of currencies bring together a new proposition for precious metals, and experts are taking notice. The surge of new payment options in the world make metal collectables more of a collectable also.



The Products Of The U.S. Money Reserve


The place visited by experts in the bullion collection is the U.S. Money Reserve. The Reserve has managed to collect its gold for over fifty years and counting. The large selection they have is a direct result of proper trading and the agency’s partnership with the U.S. Mint.


Through the U.S. Mint, agencies like the U.S. Money Reserve can offer government stamped coins in silver and gold. These are coins that come with a strong guarantee in purity. The purity rating of these products reach the highest compound count within precious metal options. It’s important to know the quality of your bullion products.


The U.S. Reserve is an agency that works to clarify your bullion products and your purity standing.



Backed By Purity And A Back-back Stop


The Reserve has a special relationship with its clients. This agency can offer most of its products with a buy-back guarantee against inflation. These types of guarantees can only happen on approved products within the precious metal trade. This is also a benefit of working with a reputable agency.


The variety of coins, bar and ingots available through the U.S. Money Reserve are the safest on the market. They are not only backed with a secure buy-back, but these coins are also stamped by the U.S. government and its seal of approval. Those approved products are easily uncovered through the U.S. Money Reserve.

Alexandre Gama Owns Brazil’s Top Advertising Agency

“Top Business Proffesional in Brazil”, “Agency Director of the Year”, one of the 10 “Most Important Entrepreneurs of the Year”. All titles given to none other than Brazil’s very own Alexandre Gama. Gama is founder and creative of a very successful communication and advertising agency called Neogama. The company has won many awards since its creation in 1999 and hasn’t slowed down since. Neogama was the fastest Agency to grow within its fort 3 years that Brazil has ever seen. In 2002, Neogama was given the titles Agency of the year. Then in 2003 the company won two golden lions at the Cannes festival in a single year.

Alexandre Gama received two degrees back in school, one in advertising and the other in communications. He attended the Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation and got his first job after graduation. Gama worked as a copywriter and creative director before deciding to open up his business.

Securus Technologies: Building Bold Relationships with People and Technology

Throughout the years, Securus Technologies has been at the forefront of innovation in corrections. From management software to communications services, Securus Technologies connects people in many ways. The company is based in Texas and has been in business for over 30 years. Getting to the top has involved the acquisition of several other companies. Using these acquisitions as a formula for growth; the company has taken the positives of each company and built upon them to become an industry leader. Recently joining Securus Technologies is GovPayNet. The company is based in Indiana and brings over 20 years’ experience to the table. As a payment processor for thousands of governmental agencies, GovPayNet brings additional strength in the financial services aspect of the business.


Another recently acquired company, JPay, is also dedicated to providing financial services. This company is known for providing prepaid solutions and money wiring services. JPay has also started selling tablet computers to inmates. The benefit of having educational opportunities with this technology gives inmates a competitive advantage when getting back into the working world. GovPayNet and JPay are also joining in on a major project of Securus Technologies. Wireless containment systems are a technology that’s been highly anticipated. The devices block communications from contraband cellular devices. This is a growing problem in facilities and has been the cause of many crimes. The devices are still in their testing stage, however, have provided very promising results thus far.


Aside from taking the lead in technology, Securus has improved its customer service as well. Scoring a 95 percent in customer satisfaction, Securus takes pride in pleasing its customers. Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau also shows Securus’ dedication to behaving in an ethically sound manner and exercising corporate social responsibility. Connecting people with technology is a bold challenge, and one that Securus Technologies uses to strengthen its relationships every day.


A Close Look at Stock-based Loans by Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings (EFH) was established in 2012. It has completed over 700 transactions. The EFH in the United States announces a 15-year anniversary. They notified people of being responsible for over $1 billion delivered to their customers. Two examples of the transactions were stock-based loans. Transactions involved the return of collateral to the parties, and

First repayment involved Andrew Newland, CEO of the Angie PLC company. His loan agreement started November 2014 and ended October 2016. Newland purchased over 1.3 million shares at 57 pence. Once agreement ended Newland has interest of over 7 million shares, and their Linkedin.

The second repayment occurred with CEO of PaySafe Group PLC(PSG) Joel Leonoff. March 2014 loan agreement commenced. May 2, 2017 shares were returned by EFH. Leonoff agreed to have 1.5 million shares worth nearly .01 pence be held for three years. After repayment of the stock-based loan, Leonoff had over 9 million shares.

Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American entrepreneur, investor, and activist. Although a very successful real estate investor by trade he is probably more well known for his philanthropic work. He is the founder and President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which he founded in 2000 along with his wife Gila.

The organization is centered on strengthening the Jewish community and the State of Israel. It also works to educate Jewish youth about their Jewish roots and works to ensure their Jewish identity is never lost. One of the organization’s most important principles is active philanthropy. This means the foundation is active and hands on with philanthropic efforts.

Adam Milstein was born and raised in Israel and as a young man served served in the Israel Defense Forces. During the time of his enlistment Israel was involved in the Yom Kippur War. Luckily Milstein finished his service unscathed, and learn more about Adam Milstein.

Afterwards he attended the Israeli institute of Technology, Technion, where he graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science Degree in business and economics. He then went to work with his father at his real estate construction and development business. This is when he realized he really wanted to pursue a career in real estate.

Looking for better opportunities Adam Milstein and his wife moved to the U.S. in 1983. He enrolled in the University of Southern California and obtained his Master of Business Administration degree. He became a sales agent in commercial real estate,

Adam Milstein is currently serves as a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He is also responsible for co-founding the Israeli-American Council, which has become the fastest growing Jewish organization in the nation. He is a board member in several Jewish organizations like Hasbara Fellowships, American Israel Public Affairs Committee National Council, and StandWithUs just to name a few, and

Whitney Wolfe Herd Is a Big Deal

Whitney Wolfe Herd is a really big deal, and she not only is the founder of a really cool dating app. Whitney Wolfe created a platform that allowed women more control as well as other innovations. She previously worked for a mega player in the dating app game then after leaving decided to compete with her old company. Before all this stardom, Whitney attended Southern Methodist College back in Texas. She studied international business which provided her many opportunities for success. While in college she sold special bags to support a local charity. After graduating, she worked internationally helping orphans in other countries. Her success with Bumble was a long arduous journey.

Bumble was developed with assistance from an international businessman from Russia Andrey Andreev. He operated Badoo international app with 360 million users across 190 countries. She utilizes his business model and experience to quickly launch her Bumble app. Whitney has a 20% ownership in Bumble and she is active in its day to day operations. Bumble is headquartered in Austin Texas with about 70 employees made up of mostly women. Bumble business model is to give control to women in regards to dating selection. They also have a platonic platform to make new friends easier. The business platform was also added which helps in structured business networking. This gives the 3 million users many platforms to get things accomplished from love, work, and play.

Bumble has received many offers to purchase the company especially her old parent company but Whitney is happy with her multimillion-dollar start-up. Whitney Wofle Herd works hard but also believes in having a well-rounded life. She met Michael Herd while on a ski trip a few years back. They dated for about two years, he is a successful restauranteur. Michael surprise proposal completely fooled Whitney because she thought married delayed due to their careers. She couldn’t have been more wrong. They wed on the Italian area of Positano which was an epic event. Whitney graced the 3 day event clad in designer gowns and shoes. Michael and groomsmen wore custom-made tuxedos fitted to perfection.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the embodiment of success from hard work and determination. Bumble will keep her very busy for years to come as it grows to new levels.