Traveling Vineyard’s Journey To Success

When Rick Libby, president of Traveling Vineyard, bought the company in 2010, he never imagined that it would be as successful as it is today. Libby developed the ‘traveling vineyard’ concept 16 years ago when he was working for Geerlings and Wade.

At the wine firm, he was asked to create a new strategy that would increase the direct sales of wine, which was sold through a catalog at the time. After talking about it with a friend, he got the idea to use in-home demonstration to sell wine, just like his friend’s wife used the technique to sell kitchenware. When put to test, the strategy led to greater sales.

Traveling Vineyard continues to improve

Although Traveling Vineyard is successful, the company continues to implement new ideas. For example, the firm recently started using Awesomm Mobile Software to help wine guides process orders and perform other tasks faster. The company also created Sommology, a system that makes it easier for guides to arrange beneficial tastings and pair food with wines. Travel Vineyard has found that using HubSpot to build relationships with customers is very successful. Mr. Rick Libby explains that the automated system is effective in tracking sales leads, allowing representatives to maximize the value of all leads.

Maintaining relationships with wine guides is important

Although Travel Vineyard regularly trains and encourages wine guides, the company does not place unnecessary restrictions on them. The wine guides are allowed to choose their working hours and don’t have to wear uniform while working. The company recognizes the importance of respecting people instead of taking them for granted. That’s why the company attracts several entrepreneurs, Libby says.

About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard uses an in-home wine tasting sales technique that benefits both the vineyard representatives and customers. Wine Guides (Vineyard Representatives) pay fees to receive a kit containing wine education material, tasting glasses, sample accessories, and 10 bottles of wine to get them started. The customers get to sample different types of wine before they buy what they like. They also get to attend events where they taste wine and learn how to pair food with wine.

Traveling Vineyard; An Exemplary Self-Employment Platform

Traveling Vineyard is an enterprise that seeks to employ people who prefer working from home. The firm was established in 2001 and has since witnessed enormous growth, hiring vast amounts of individuals in the process.

Traveling Vineyard promises to transform novices into elite wine tasters after a relatively short training process. By learning the ropes, prospective clients are turned into the best wine guides. The knowledge they acquire is expected to earn them a living.

In addition to a thorough training process, Traveling Vineyard avails a supportive community, which assists their clients in becoming wine connoisseurs.

Business Operation Model

After training, customers are subscribed to the company’s products. They pat a specified fee, which judges the package with which they are issued. The packages vary by price, with the cost determining the quantity of stock in each.

Wine guides are seen as product promotion entities, rather than sales people. A commission, known as ‘personal marketing fee’ is granted to the guides. The earnings are a significant percentage of the total sales made by an agent.

As an incentive to add more clients to their portfolio, Traveling Vineyard offers bonuses to customers who influence others to subscribe to the business. Agents can proliferate their reimbursements by recruiting more newbies into their networks.

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Merits of working with Traveling Vineyard

The most striking advantage is the flexibility of the job. To some folk, working from eight to five on a strict schedule is not their cup of tea. However, with this job, people are given the liberty of choosing not only their preferred times of work but also the quantity of work.

While most people venture into it a source of additional income, Traveling Vineyard can offer a full-time job. A testament to this is the several success stories associated with the firm.

Moreover, through the various social events organized by the company, clients meet up with new friends. These meetings are also great platforms for exchange of ideas with like-minded individuals.

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