Tammy Mazzocco Has Found Her Life’s Work

Don’t ever tell Tammy Mazzocco that the real estate business cannot be done because she will just smile and tell you that you are probably looking at things from the wrong perspective. Just like all sales situations, real estate requires a person to conquer their inhibitions and step forward towards realistic activity goals.

Goals and objectives are what Mazzocco thrives on because she feels any reasonable goal can be achieved, but it takes work. The best way to tackle any goal is to break it down into reasonable action steps and then take the first step. That makes the achievement of the goal much easier that attempting to get the goal done in one move.

Mazzocco started her career as a secretary to a commercial real estate firm and then moved on to other jobs for various entities as a support person. She obtained her real estate license along the way when one of her bosses urged her to so she could help him in his business.

Mazzocco has learned a lot since her initial beginnings in selling real estate, and she doesn’t hesitate in giving credit to many of her co-workers and managers over the years for their helpful suggestions. The biggest lessons she learned were in the dealings with people, which is the key to any sales success.

She makes it a point to focus directly on any problems or concerns her prospective clients might have about any situation. Unless the client is free to make decisions about real estate, the sale is not going to happen. She found that she needed to set her own concerns and worries aside and concentrate on meeting the needs of the clients at the time of showing the Homes.

Mazzocco said on an ideamensch.com interview that she is happy with her work, as it is evident that she has been instrumental and helping families find security and peace of mind in finding the home of their dreams.

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