Nine9 – The UnAgency that Puts You into the Spotlight!

Are you an aspiring actor or model? Do you get tired of feeling lost in the crowd? Could the entertainment industry be star struck by your talent, but your skills and abilities are simply not seen because you cannot get an agent that sets you up for that perfectly fitting audition? and learn more about Nine9.

If you are sure this describes you, NINE9 is definitely a game changer that help you land your next or even your very first job. NINE9, the unagency will do everything possible to help you live out your dreams with their team of highly trained makup and studio professionals, tools and active platform that will make you be seen even if you don’t live close to the traditional audition cities.

Nine9 is clearly designed to revolutionize the Entertainment Industry because Anthony Toma (CEO of Nine9) thought about the 99% who were not lucky or simply born into Hollywood or Broadway. You could very well be the next hidden talent that NINE9 would love to put in the spotlight. If you feel alienated by agencies and find it hard to believe that your agent will truly represent you, NINE9 is the perfect fit for you because they will not charge you a commission flike gigs like all agents do.

By now you know that your talent is real and are determined to put in the hard work to make the best of your next chance but weren’t sure how to make it happen. This is your chance! and more information click here.

It might just be time for you to take the first step into the spotlight from wherever you are with NINE9 – the UNAGENCY and Nine9’s Website.

Lime Crime Shines With Their Beautiful New Lipstick


Looking for makeup different than the everyday girl look that most people were wearing at the time, singer Doe Deere decided to create Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup company that focuses on creating a fantasy world through make-up. This can be noticed through the unicorns, first shining their sparkle on the lipstick line one year after the company started during Halloween of 2008. Even better, the products are made here in the United States.


Deere grew up in Russia with dreams of becoming a mermaid. Movies such as the Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal, and the Last Unicorn impacted her personal style and passions. That childhood dream only changed slightly as she grew up- she decided to move to New York and sing in a band, keeping her wild hair colors and beautiful makeup style.


Naturally, this didn’t come easy though. Finding a company who believed in her vision and were also excellent at what they did. And despite the two point six million followers at @limecrimemakeup the company has on Instagram.

Here recently that fabulous line of lipsticks added a new color to their line up- Scandal Velvetines, a purple-violent liquid to matte lipstick.  Getting the best look means adding lip balm to the lips, letting it sit fifteen minutes and then blotting off excess oil and applying the lipstick that shines until bedtime, when a simple makeup remover takes it off. A beautiful color, an animal-friendly company and an owner who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out sounds too good to be true, kind of like unicorns. It must be Lime Crime.