How Daniel Taub Served Israel In The United Kingdom

In 1991 Daniel Taub started working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry. He held several diplomatic and legal positions while serving, including as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom. He served in this position from 2011 to 2015 before returning to Israel. He found a great deal of success in this position tying together the two nations in a number of ways, both economically and culturally.

While Daniel Taub served in the United Kingdom the relationship between the two nations grew to where they were the strongest they had likely ever been. Most of the goals he had laid out before taking the position were accomplished. For instance, trade between the two nations doubled to somewhere between $5.5-7 billion a year. Hundreds of Israeli’s opened new companies in the U.K. during this time period. Additionally, educational and cultural links flourished as well.

Daniel Taub also was born in the United Kingdom. He grew up there and attended both University College and Oxford. After graduating he moved to Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces as a combat medic. Over the years he has served the nation of Israel in many ways. At one time he was involved in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process when he served as a negotiator. In order to help arrive at a solution, he along with a negotiator for Palestinians journeyed to Northern Ireland. The point of this fact-finding mission was to discover what worked and didn’t work during the years of unrest that country faced.

Daniel Taub is now a director at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. This organization is headquartered in Jerusalem and is a philanthropic foundation that concentrates on the environment, education, civil society, and the Arab community. He is this nonprofits director of strategy and planning.

Taub also frequently writes articles that appear in a number of publications around the world. Some of the publications he has written for are The Guardian, The Times, and Huffington Post. He has also written a book, “Parasha Diplomatit”. The book describes his insights into diplomacy and also gives his thoughts on biblical texts.

In his private life, Daniel Taub is married and has six children. He also now has a grandchild. Learn more: