Betsy Devos Fights for Education Reform in America

When President Trump appointed Betsy Devos to the office of the 11th US Secretary of Education, many were not sure of the choice. For one, she had never been a teacher. She also had policies that polarized Americans, mostly because according to Devos, these individuals did not understand what educational choice was or how it worked. Thus, Devos has found herself campaigning for educational choice throughout America.


In her campaigns, she talks about educational choice as a way out for students who do not want to be stuck in a failing school zone. The main issue with many of today’s schools is that they are teaching to the standardized test instead of working with students in new and exciting ways. It’s one of the biggest reasons why private schools have become more popular.


Most people have seen that Devos is also not using public funding for her programs. Instead, she is using philanthropy to back educational choice. The programs help students go to school even when they are not able to pay for private school tuition.


In a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” Betsy Devos took on Lesley Stahl, who asked some tough questions about what she had been successful in since taking office in 2017. Devos said that it had only been a little bit over a year, and that much of education was controlled at the state level.


This meant that she had to work with states privately in order to get help for educational choice. However, many states have not joined in educational choice fully. The most successful has been Florida, where she has multiple programs in place and students can choose between those different options. For example, students can choose between magnet programs, virtual schools, private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling. There is even a state-based tuition scholarship to help them go to school.


While she has only a little over a year left in her term, Betsy Devos has to fight for educational choice at the state level next. Her campaign has helped the cause across America’s schools, and while parents are grateful, students and teachers need to still find common ground. If it’s not Common Core or standardized testing, will educational choice be the way that students get a better education in America? Time will soon tell. For now, Devos is working across the country to ensure that schools are safe, and that students can also get aid to go to a different school if they wish.


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