The Frontera Fund; Defending DACA and the Rights of Immigrants to the End

The Frontera Fund is an initiative that was started by two Journalists of Phoenix Times Newspaper to support the plight of people of Hispanic origin that face a myriad of civil rights abuses and racial discrimination in Arizona. In fact, the Fund was ironically started with money that was paid by an apparent promoter of such racism and civil rights abuse. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a program that was started to protect children immigrants from deportation, temporarily, if they met certain minimum requirements. Such children are also provided with a social security number and a chance to work and earn a living in the USA for a two-year renewable period. Most of the states allow such children to acquire a driving license and benefit from the tuition fees of these states.

DACA under Attack

It seems that the DACA program isn’t sitting well with several people in authority. In a recent spat, the Texas Attorney petitioned the Trump administration to rescind the program. He sought to have the program terminated by September 5th. Several other attorneys and a county chief have signed the letter to the president. According to the details provided in the letter, the attorney wants the program to be phased off. It means that if implemented, there will be no new applicants for the DACA program and that there will be no renewals henceforth. The letter is said to have been signed by 9 attorneys general. Most of the pressure to scrap the DACA program is coming from the red states. Mr. John Kelly, the secretary of Homeland Security mentioned that the DACA program is under heavy threat. Currently, there are over 800 000 individuals protected by the program. Mr. Kelly says that there are many cases in the courts seeking to challenge the program.

Benefits of the DACA program

While critics of the program continue to be driven by reasons other than economic and security, the DACA program continues to benefit the individuals enlisted and the state of Arizona in many ways. Figures show that almost 100% of the individuals in the DACA program work and study. Some of them go to school and work at the same time. It means that the individuals are paying millions of taxes to the Arizona authorities. The individuals in the DACA program pay higher taxes; thanks to their improved earnings. The data available on the operations of individuals under the DACA program shows that the income they get is widely directed towards improving their education, starting businesses to sustain their families and buying cars and homes. The DACA program is supported largely by the Frontera Movement as a partnership and partial sponsor in legal representation. In fact, the Frontera Fund through the initiative of Lacey and Larkin has vowed to fight the forces that are pushing to remove DACA from existence.

The Trump Factor

The immigrant community in the US feels most threatened by President Trump. He started a concerted attack on immigrants since the inset of his campaigns. Trump has always presented the immigrants in a bad light and has used even lies to convince the unsuspecting public that immigrants are bad. He has persistently sought to link the immigrants with drug abuse, crime, and rape. True to expectation, Mr, Trump’s first action in office was to issue an order banning the entry into the USA of immigrants from a list of countries.


How George Soros is determined to transform the World

George Soros is regarded as one of the world’s most prominent philanthropist. He is the proprietor of the Open Source Foundation and has led it for the past three decades to support charity undertakings in an exceptional manner. Soros has to date donated more than $12 billion to support various projects across the world. The funds that he offers through his philanthropy program have been beneficial to individuals, nonprofit organizations, and companies. He has also been striving to advocate for accountable governments, freedom of speech, transparency, and justice in the communities across the globe.

Mr. Soros’ motherland is in Hungary, and he once served in a government-owned organization in the country. After a while, the Nazi occupation emerged, and they were determined to eliminate all the Jews in the country. George Soros was one of the individuals whose lives were in danger. He is a brilliant guy and used his knowledge to forge fake identities to save his family. Soros and his family managed to survive the Nazi Occupation, and they moved to the United Kingdom as asylums. Learn more about his profile at

While in London, George managed to be offered a job at a railway station. Soros graduated from the institution with the highest honors. His excellent academic success enabled him to easily secure a job at a local bank. He was always determined to work in the United States since he believed that the region had a lot of opportunities. George Soros made savings to accumulate enough money to relocate to New York. His educations credentials were valid in the U.S, and he was hired to serve as a credit manager in various New York-based hedge funds. George Soros later decided to venture into a business by founding his hedge fund management enterprise. He has made a significant money from his previous job. The businessman established the Soros Quantum Fund. The company was highly successful in the industry under the leadership of Mr. Soros.

The Open Society Foundation has developed programs that are devoted to initiating policies that advocate for democratic governments across the planet. In 1979, George Soros used the organization to offer scholarships to young South Africans who were being segregated by the apartheid rule. He ensured that they were empowered through education to liberate their country.

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He invested a lot of resources in the campaign packs of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats in 2016. According to him, transparent governments and equity can be attained by implementing the right policies and transformation. The charity work of George Soros has had a significant impact on communities across the globe. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.