The Lung Institute Helps People Breathe

The Lung Institute has advanced their efforts in helping people with COPD, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Interstitial Lung Disease and other pulmonary disorders. Helping people breathe better is the number one goal of the Lung Institute.

Pulmonary lung disease is not curable, but stem cell therapy can improve pulmonary diseases and add quality to the patient’s life. Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive procedure performed as an outpatient exhibiting immediate result.

To get started, you want to discuss this with your current physician or contact the clinic and speak with a patient coordinator to schedule a free consultation. Once it has been determined you are a candidate for stem cell therapy, an appointment will be made for you to visit one of Lung Institute facilities or website ( and have the procedure performed as an outpatient. The patient’s comfort and health is the main concern of the institute and the medical staff.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Arrival at the Lung Institute the Day 1 of the therapy
  • Medical staff ensure the patient is comfortable and ready for the procedure
  • A small amount of blood is taken using an IV
  • The stem cells are separated from the other cells in the blood taken
  • Then the stem cells are returned to the patient through the right chamber of the heart?
  • Stem cells then reproduce new stem cells over and over again
  • The blood is then passed from the heart through a major artery into the pulmonary system where the stem cells continue to reproduce and begin healing lung tissue, exiting the lungs and transported through the bloodstream.

This exciting event continues to reproduce healthy stem cells in the body, explains Of course, depending on the illness and the lung damage caused by the illness, the procedure may need to be repeated on Day 2 if everything proceeds as expected. The patient is carefully monitored before being released.

This procedure has helped thousands of patients suffering from pulmonary disease breathe easier and enjoy the comfort of improved lung capacity. Please share this information with someone you know who is suffering from pulmonary disease.

The Lung Institute has clinics in Tampa FL – 813-642-6417 Scottsdale AZ – 480-378-6658, Nashville TN – 615-988-1051, Pittsburgh PA – 724-635-4202, and Dallas TX – 214-935-1699. For more info, visit