Rocketship Helps Children Who are Low-Income and in Minority Groups

Rocketship Education is known to be a chain of free, public charter schools. The organization is based in San Jose, California and was founded in 2006. The schools go from kindergarten to the fifth grade. In 2012, the number of schools run by this organization numbered at 450. The schools serve communities that are most mostly lower income and/or non-white. This can be seen it he fact that 90% percent students who attend Rocketship Education’s schools qualify for free lunch. Also, there is a large presence of immigrants, children of immigrants, ethnic minorities and racial minorities. This can be seen in the fact that 75% of the children who go to the schools speak English as a second language.

Rocketship Education has a great attitude. In their moto, they espouse the view that everyone deserves an education of the highest quality and that everyone is able to go to a four-year college. They believe that college-prep should begin in kindergarten, which is why their K-5 schools prepare children to go to college.

Rocketship Education’s attitude is a breath of fresh air. Sometimes, society gives up on children who are lower income and/or from minority groups. The mindset behind this is the idea that they are naturally inferior due to their ethnic, racial and/or cultural heritage. However, this idea very discriminatory, negative and ignorant. In fact, such an attitude is used to justify various forms of racism and prejudice. It also feeds into a feedback loop where certain racial minorities are constantly left in poverty, from generation to generation. It leads some groups to form an identity around discrimination, and some individuals from those groups—through their suffering—lose sight of what they should be doing to better themselves. Children are especially prone to this. It is highly crucial to drill it into children’s heads, from an early age, that they have to prepare for college and be serious about their lives. Through all of the suffering of living in low income areas and being minorities, children have to be reminded about what they should be doing to get past those conditions. Sometimes, conditions of the street can be too overwhelming.

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