Emerging of Austins Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Agency, also known by the name as Brown Modelling Agency is a US based company situated in Texas, Austin. It is a leading fashion agency specializes in fashion and print models. It is formally situated in the southern US. The agency categorizes n a variety of segments starting with advertising, creating creative content, Media, Photography and entertainment. The agency was originally founded in 2010. They also have an office in Los Angeles other than their headquarters in Dallas.




Brown Modelling Agency is a commercial talent agency. Since its christening in 2010 it has become one of the top modelling agencies in Austin and now is listed amongst the top rated modelling companies of the US. Before the company was inaugurated it was rather rare to see a model from Austin to be featured by high end luxury brands like Luis Vuitton or Toyota. After the Brown Agency was formed it elevated the modelling sector of Austin to a whole new level and now the models of Texas are regularly seen to be featured in advertisements and promotional campaigns of huge brands like L’Oreal, Dell and many more. The models launched by this renowned agency are seen to be walking down the runways of New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week and many more. They are specialized in identifying new talents and guiding them through the intricate process of becoming a successful model. The agency believes that their true prides are their models and they are at this highest position in the industry just because of their talented models. For more details visit Crunchbase.



They are very specific when it comes to selecting the models. They only choose the ones with tremendous potential to rise and shine in this industry of limelight. After selecting the ideal model they provide all the training that is needed to make them a professional in the runway. They polish the talents in order to make them elegant and graceful and also dependable. Their training programs are considered to be the best for they do for now Austin has the potential to display the most top rated fashion models in the entire fashion industry.



The Brown Agency is owned and operated Justin Brown who is the former president and CEO of the company. They have joined hands with Heyman Talent-South in order to elevating their agency services to a more proficient level and for the growth of the agency internationally. Heyman Talent-South is also one very renowned talent agencies in Austin. The merge between the two major talents based agencies turned out to be a huge success for the region. Now they regularly deal with international brands and provide them with the best talents from the Austin region.



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