An Insight On Sussex Healthcare

Located in the United Kingdom is one of the health facilities which purpose to improve the healthcare provided in the society. Sussex Healthcare has been in existence for over two decades with the aim to give services to different groups of people especially those in dire need. It started with the collaboration of two entrepreneurs with a vision that is, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina.

The combination has facilitated a lot of growth creating an impact on the society. The extension is due to the skills and knowledge of the founders who use their specialization to ensure a smooth running of the facility. For instance, Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur who has worked as a hotelier for years giving him experience in managing as well as service providence. On the other hand, Shafik Sachedina has a medical history where he has specialized in dental surgery giving him the chance to provide excellent medical services in the facility.


With growth, Sussex Healthcare has created a lot of employment for people who are skilled and work to achieve the outlined goals of the company. Therefore, the workers at Sussex Healthcare are professional caregivers and dedicated in nature. The effectiveness of the workers is ensured by the training provided which is viewed as an investment for growth. Moreover, the facility offers to support its staff members to continue with education on various subjects that will help the company work to its best such as nursing apprenticeships.

The services provided in the facility are done based on the belief that all the people who are under their wing should experience all aspects of life to the fullest such as social relations, leisure as well as other recreational activities. Besides, Sussex Healthcare provides physical treatment to both the old especially those who have dementia, and the young people with neurological problems. Therefore, it makes the society better by helping the people live to the maximum and get medication to improve their lifespan.

Sussex Healthcare has grown to have several facilities under its wing or umbrella. They all work to provide adequate services to the society to ensure a better generation and community built. For this reason, their facilities are made up of activities that assist in improving the lifestyle of people by providing activity plans that suite personal interest at early ages to ensure each person is active. The lifestyle is further enhanced by the food offered at the facility to cater to the nutritional needs especially for those with different dietary needs.

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