Samuel Strauch And His Real Expertise

Samuel Strauch is a real estate expert in Miami who has been in the business for some time. He worked with his family business, went to school at Hofstra, and has returned to start his own company.

The Miami Expertise

Samuel has a lot of expertise on the city of Miami and all of South Florida. He knows the area very well because it is where he grew up, learned the trade, and where his company does business. He uses that expertise every day, and it makes him much more credible with his customers.


His Education

Samuel Strauch obtained a business degree from Hofstra, and he moved back to Miami to work with his family company once again. His family’s company works in the industry, but he wanted to have his own company where he could reach a certain type of client.

His Company

Metrik Real Estate is the company that Samuel Strauch started on his own, and he welcomes clients into his office every day to help with real estate investments. He helps people save money, and he allows them to buy everything from their dream home to their next office building. His clients learn how to maximize their investments, and he studies what the next big investment area in Miami is.

Samuel Strauch is very familiar with the Miami area, and he helps many of his clients make money on the buildings he has chosen. His knowledge of the area and experience make him an excellent investor.


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