Securus Technologies: Building Bold Relationships with People and Technology

Throughout the years, Securus Technologies has been at the forefront of innovation in corrections. From management software to communications services, Securus Technologies connects people in many ways. The company is based in Texas and has been in business for over 30 years. Getting to the top has involved the acquisition of several other companies. Using these acquisitions as a formula for growth; the company has taken the positives of each company and built upon them to become an industry leader. Recently joining Securus Technologies is GovPayNet. The company is based in Indiana and brings over 20 years’ experience to the table. As a payment processor for thousands of governmental agencies, GovPayNet brings additional strength in the financial services aspect of the business.


Another recently acquired company, JPay, is also dedicated to providing financial services. This company is known for providing prepaid solutions and money wiring services. JPay has also started selling tablet computers to inmates. The benefit of having educational opportunities with this technology gives inmates a competitive advantage when getting back into the working world. GovPayNet and JPay are also joining in on a major project of Securus Technologies. Wireless containment systems are a technology that’s been highly anticipated. The devices block communications from contraband cellular devices. This is a growing problem in facilities and has been the cause of many crimes. The devices are still in their testing stage, however, have provided very promising results thus far.


Aside from taking the lead in technology, Securus has improved its customer service as well. Scoring a 95 percent in customer satisfaction, Securus takes pride in pleasing its customers. Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau also shows Securus’ dedication to behaving in an ethically sound manner and exercising corporate social responsibility. Connecting people with technology is a bold challenge, and one that Securus Technologies uses to strengthen its relationships every day.


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