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Most competitor networks have prices compared $4 to $1 to the Securus network. Their customers have used their customer forum to tell other users about the technology features which help them save money. Out-of-town and disabled residents can also use their services to stay connected to their love ones in a correctional facility. Get the best of an inmate platform giving you real customer opinions on their features and services. Don’t feel like you’re being fooled by a competitor network who makes you feel like you’re being punished with extensive fees. Learn how you can use secure technology to save money and stay connected to your love ones.


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Choose from features with descriptive tabs which help you decide before you register for a feature. Securus wants their customers to save money so they have allowed their input to initiate their services. Imagine talking over the internet and watching the ones you love have the privileged of using technology that is being used by people everyday. You don’t have to visit a facility to say hello to an inmate with a simple voicemail message. They make it easy to say to stay connected to your love ones at Securus.


How Daniel Taub Served Israel In The United Kingdom

In 1991 Daniel Taub started working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry. He held several diplomatic and legal positions while serving, including as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom. He served in this position from 2011 to 2015 before returning to Israel. He found a great deal of success in this position tying together the two nations in a number of ways, both economically and culturally.

While Daniel Taub served in the United Kingdom the relationship between the two nations grew to where they were the strongest they had likely ever been. Most of the goals he had laid out before taking the position were accomplished. For instance, trade between the two nations doubled to somewhere between $5.5-7 billion a year. Hundreds of Israeli’s opened new companies in the U.K. during this time period. Additionally, educational and cultural links flourished as well.

Daniel Taub also was born in the United Kingdom. He grew up there and attended both University College and Oxford. After graduating he moved to Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces as a combat medic. Over the years he has served the nation of Israel in many ways. At one time he was involved in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process when he served as a negotiator. In order to help arrive at a solution, he along with a negotiator for Palestinians journeyed to Northern Ireland. The point of this fact-finding mission was to discover what worked and didn’t work during the years of unrest that country faced.

Daniel Taub is now a director at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. This organization is headquartered in Jerusalem and is a philanthropic foundation that concentrates on the environment, education, civil society, and the Arab community. He is this nonprofits director of strategy and planning.

Taub also frequently writes articles that appear in a number of publications around the world. Some of the publications he has written for are The Guardian, The Times, and Huffington Post. He has also written a book, “Parasha Diplomatit”. The book describes his insights into diplomacy and also gives his thoughts on biblical texts.

In his private life, Daniel Taub is married and has six children. He also now has a grandchild. Learn more:


Betsy DeVos Inspires Girls Everywhere

Betsy DeVos serves as a role model and a mentor for all the young women. When we look at the young women who will one day run the country, many of us grow scared. The reason we grow scared is that these girls have been brainwashed into believing that living a life of vice, rather than a life of virtue, is a good thing. This new generation of young girls has been taught that gossiping, vengeance, malice, slander, and greed are all things that should be achieved. Now, of course, they would not say that in those words, but when you look at their actions and the people they idolize, you see this to be true. Betsy DeVos serves as a reminder that everyone who lives in this country should become a productive citizen.


The first way one becomes a productive citizen is by starting with a firm foundation. Many young girls are told the lie that starting off well is somehow a thing they should be ashamed of. This, of course, is not true. Betsy DeVos shows us that by laying a strong starting point, we can achieve more. Betsy DeVos is proud that she went to both Holland Christian High School and then received an economics degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. These two places would create a passion in her heart for Christian education as well as private institutions, two causes that she would dedicate her life too.


The second way one becomes a productive citizen is by advocating for their values. Betsy DeVos advocated for her values by becoming politically active. Throughout her political career, she served mostly in the state of Michigan, and functions in the role of chairwoman and committeewoman for various boards. She also joined two different super Pacs, All Children Matter, and Education for All. She firmly believes that the ability to choose what school you go to is an inherent human right and that if you want to start a charter school, it should be within your capacity to do so. These beliefs, as well as her vast experience, told Donald Trump that he should elect her as part of his cabinet. In 2016, DeVos was appointed to the Secretary of Education.


The third way to become a productive citizen is to strengthen the community. Betsy DeVos has done this through the Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation. Over a few decades, Betsy DeVos gave over $139 million to causes that she believes strengthens our country. In 2015 alone, she gave over 13 million dollars. She has done this because she believes that by giving money to other organizations, she multiplies herself and strengthens the causes she believes in.

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Higher Taxes And Higher Charitable Giving

Why George Wants To Raise His Own Taxes

You heard it correct. After giving $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations, the financial mogul George Soros wants to raise his own taxes this year. He wants the same for all of America’s wealthy and rich.

George Soros and others in the million to billionaire bracket don’t want congress to lower taxes in their own country. The story making headlines is a long shot from the common day-to-day rhetoric that we get of the rich. Through the voice of George Soros, we instead hear a different story.

This story is one where the wealthy of the world are not all corrupt. This is a story where the voices of our most influential aren’t drowned out. They are instead welcomed with open arms, but the public is finally made aware of them. The leading voice among those against a tax cut is George Soros, and contact him.


No One Ever Wants More Taxes

The irony in all of this is that no one ever wants more taxes. From avoiding taxes altogether to protesting the government against raising them, there is always a fight against the act of paying more. So let’s ask ourselves why these wealthy individuals want to raise their taxes and to not lower them, and read full article.

The voice of the wealthy are speaking out because tax cuts are bad for the economy. The wealthy make the bulk of U.S. money, and that money has greater leverage when it’s used. If the wealthy get tax cuts instead, their overall contribution equate with what common citizens achieve, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

This is very little if nothing at all.


What It Could Mean For The U.S. Government

The surplus of cash that higher taxes bring is the reason behind this public outreach. The rich want their money to be effective for growing and protecting the United States economy. That can only happen if more money is used for stabilizing the U.S. nation with.


The actual rise in taxes benefits the government.

The question these brave voices bring to mind has to do with corruption. It’s easy to believe that the lowering of taxes is an act to benefit the economy when we don’t get to hear the other side. As the power of voices like George Soros spread further, world governments are then held accountable, and


Why Others Are Taking A Stance

The U.S. government has faced real challenges with instability and a recent economic recession. It’s in the best interest of this nation if the money it has is used and given to the right agencies to manage.

This is what these brave voices want and are committed to.